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Alex is your helpful learning buddy. Here’s how!

Unlimited Doubt Solving

Alex helps with instant resolution of doubts about academic concepts, difficult questions, or app navigation.

Learning Companion

Alex accompanies you on your personalised learning journey, throwing in tests to assess your progress.

Type or Click Your Doubts

Alex responds to text, as well as visual input. Too tired to type? Simply click a picture of your doubt and upload!

24X7 Availability

Doubts can crop up anytime, and now, they can be resolved anytime too! Alex is available 24X7 to help.

Here is what you can #AskAlex!

  • Help me understand Trigonometry.
  • What is Thermodynamics?
  • Connect me to Customer Care.
  • I want NCERT solutions for class 10, Physics.
  • What is the capital of Rajasthan?
  • Please explain Simple Interest.
  • Help me learning something new today!
  • I need SLM of Quadratic Equations.
  • What is the definition of photosynthesis?
  • Can you give me a mind map of (insert some chapter name.)

Watch Alex in Action!

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Type away your doubts
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Simply upload a picture of your doubt
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Alex will help you with Tests and Practice
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Personalized Journey