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CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Syllabus consists of highly interesting themes. Pattern for CBSE Class 11 Accountancy may appear to be a little difficult for students. Students need an easy way to understand and learn CBSE 11th Accountancy Syllabus. Extramarks makes the study material for CBSE Accounts Syllabus 11th Class in such an easy language that students don’t have to struggle with the course. Students can visit the website and review all content associated with Syllabus of Class 11 Accountancy. Given below is the short description for CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Syllabus that students can go through for better understanding of the subject.

Part A Financial Accounting - I 
Unit 1. Theoretical Framework 
Unit 2. Accounting Process 
Part B Financial Accounting - II 
Unit 3. Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship 
Unit 4. Financial Statements of Non-Profits 
Unit 5. Computers in Accounting 

Part C Project Work

As the set of rules and principles, we use to prepare relatively simple financial statements that capture or reflect important truths about an organization and communicate them to outsiders— both what the company is worth now and what it continually does. This description indicates both (1) why accounting is important and (2) why it seems fascinating to me to do so.

Financial accounting is very critical because the details that businesses communicate to outsiders dictate how, how much, and on what terms these outsiders lend to or invest in those companies. We as a company have to invest and lend limited amounts of capital. So we have an interest in using that capital quite wisely. We want it to be lent or invested in companies that will use it productively, do innovative and trans formative things, and not lend to or invest in, e.g., hopeless businesses supervised by feckless managers who are desperate for another lifeline when their business models are in fact outdated. Today the world would be better off if more money had gone to Apple during the 1990s, and less to Pets.com. We also want firms ' investors and creditors to continue to have an accurate picture of what is going on inside a firm–after they have invested or lent, so that they will monitor and pressure managers to behave and had best . In this vein of thought, it isn't really an overstatement to mention that modern capitalism— during which public companies, owned by outside shareholders, need to compete in capital markets to obtain the resources they need to grow — depends on good accounting. (Lastly, we as a society also increasingly want information on things like, for example, how a company affects and harms the natural environment, so that we can figure out how to best regulate and efficiently reduce these costs— this will become a larger part of accounting in future.)

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