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The CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Syllabus includes multiple interesting chapters. Class 11 Computer Science Syllabus will be helpful for students in planning their learning schedule. A lot of students can find it hard to keep up with CBSE Computer Science Syllabus for Class 11. Extramarks makes study materials available for students for Computer Science Syllabus Class 11. Students can study from notes and increase their marks, especially for Computer Science Class 11. Here is a description for CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Syllabus.

Unit  1. Computer Fundamentals 
Unit  2. Programming Methodology 
Unit  3. Introduction to Python/C++ 
Unit  4. Programming with Python/C++

It's no secret that on campus, computing science is a big deal. In terms of popularity, the subject tended to distinguish itself from other Undergraduate Majors. Some attributed the surge of interest in computer science on campus to the urge of students to become major in something practical or the strain and pressures resulting from attending a university in Silicon Valley's heartland. 

The arguments that suggest that computing science is an anti-intellectual discipline often rely on a strawman. The reality is quite different. Computer science is about finding the best way to solve a challenging problem, and having the creativity to see the world differently than getting a ticket to a job. Either working through a complex algorithm or persevering by debugging a program, computer science improves one's passion for solving difficult issues and offers the basis for solving new ones, resulting in a stimulating educational experience.

It's unfair to pin the surge of interest in computer science in the economy and the current job market because that detracts from the students who are in love with the subject and the department's excellent teachers who do a fantastic job of igniting that spark within students. Computer science isn't just awesome due to its practical element, or its current value in the job market. It's amazing because it gives you the opportunity to create something brand new and improve the intellectual ability to tackle difficult issues in a variety of fields— from genetics to economics and even literature.

Therefore, as long as students study computer science— whether as a major or as a single class — out of genuine interest in the area, we can celebrate the growth of computer science because it is a beautiful, challenging subject that can contribute to a healthy undergraduate education that can leave students with a love of learning and an enthusiasm for problem-solving — and then motivate them.

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