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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class

Below written is a brief description of CBSE Class 11 English Elective Syllabus. Students can find in their books Pattern for CBSE Class 11 English Elective. Extramarks provides the very best study materials and reading guidelines for English Elective Class 11. This promotes the understanding of the subject and also provides a firm foundation for Syllabus for Class 11 English Elective. Here's a short summary of CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 English Elective.

Unit 1. Reading Skills 
Unit 2. Writing Skills and Grammar 
Unit 3. Literary & Long Reading Texts 
Unit 4. Speaking and Listening Skills

English is the second language in the world. That means learning English makes travel much easier. Important information is often translated into English, especially in countries that use a different type of alphabet.

The subject deals with a lot of content and it can be very hard for the students to get a good hold on all the topics and chapters. The writing skills can be particularly challenging as it follows a format that students need to strictly adhere to. The objective of the syllabus is 

1.to provide extensive exposure to a variety of writings in English, including some classics to develop sensitivity to literary and creative uses of the language.
2. to further expand the learners' vocabulary resources through the use of dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia.
3. to develop a taste for reading with discernment and delight.
4. to critically examine a text and comment on different aspects.
5. to develop proficiency in English both in receptive and productive skills.

After becoming thorough with the syllabus students can 

1. Understand the curriculum in a better way and understand the relation between the themes and the sub-themes.
2. develops the apt skills of reasoning, inferring, analyzing, evaluating and creating.
3. develops familiarity with the poetic uses of language including features of the language through which artistic effect is achieved.

The syllabus is designed keeping in mind the psyche of the students so that every student can understand the curriculum and perform optimally in the exam. The Extramarks website also helps the aspirants understand the ways in which a writer or poet puts forward the emotions and feelings in front of the readers. Students can also prepare for exams as there are ample examples from day to day life that can help them understand the subject in a better and clearer way.

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