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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class

CBSE Class 11 History Syllabus is one of the most critical portions of the curriculum. The students should find a new way to understand the Pattern for CBSE Class 11 History. Extramarks provides excellent study materials for CBSE 11 History Syllabus. This also helps build a solid base for the final exam on Class 11 History Syllabus CBSE. Here's a quick breakdown of CBSE History Class 11 Syllabus. 

Lesson 1. Introduction to World History 

Section A: Early Societies 
Lesson 2. Introduction 
Lesson 3. From the beginning of time 
Lesson 4. Early Cities 

Section B: Empires 
Lesson 5. Introduction 
Lesson 6. An empire across three continents 
Lesson 7. Central Islamic lands 
Lesson 8. Nomadic Empires 

Section C: Changing Traditions 
Lesson 9. Introduction 
Lesson 10. Three orders 
Lesson 11. Changing cultural traditions 
Lesson 12. Confrontation of cultures 

Section D: Paths to Modernization
Lesson 13. Introduction 
Lesson 14. The Industrial Revolution 
Lesson 15. Displacing Indigenous People 
Lesson 16. Paths to modernization

In the classrooms, the History that is taught can desire an endless barrage of names and dates, battles and wars, historical figures and political leaders. Who is it that cares?

History shows us why things are happening and how things are going on; how we are going from knights and castles to tanks and bunkers; how empires are being built and how they are being built downtown; how states are being founded and how they fall. History is a story: history is the story of conquests and conquerors, of empires and emperors, of exploration and adventure, of love and betrayal, of confidence and deceit. History fills our human need for tales of ourselves and of the things we did. History is as fantastic as a novel and as exciting. The student has no need to look beyond the Russian Tsars, the Egyptian Pharaohs or the French Revolutionaries to see that history is an exciting tale.

 Then, what makes history? In short, history is the study of transformation, and that makes it one of the subjects that are most useful. The world is powered by a transition, which keeps changing our lives in ways we don't even know. The change affects us from governments and countries at the highest levels down to the most trivial details. The key to understanding how these forces influence our lives today is to study history-the past is the key to the present. History provides context for all that we see around us today, and the key to understanding the world that we are now in is to look at how it came to be.

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