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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class

English Core 12 syllabus is very important for the students to remember and work on for better performance in the Class 12 exams. English Core Class 12 syllabus consists of various concepts and ideas that students have to read. Extramarks provides the best quality learning solutions that are on par with the new pattern for CBSE Class 12 English Core. The students are expected to learn all the topics that are included in the CBSE 12 English Core syllabus.
Below are some of the topics that are included in CBSE Class 12 English Core syllabus:
The Last Lesson 
Lost Spring 
Deep Water
The Rattrap
Poets and Pancakes 
The Interview
Going Places

Lost spring

"Often I find a rupee in the trash," the author comes to Saheb every morning. Saheb had left his home in Dhaka a long time ago. In the heaps of trash in the neighbourhood, he's trying to sponge money. The speaker tells Saheb why he is doing it. Saheb mutters that he has nothing else to do with that. There is no school in his area. He's bad and he works barefooted.

There are 10,000 more shoeless rag-pickers like Saheb. They live in Seemapuri, on the outer edge of Delhi, in mud houses, with tin and tarpaulin roofs, but devoid of sanitation, irrigation or running water. We are squatters who came back from Bangladesh in 1971. They have been living here for more than thirty years without identity cards or permits. They've got the right to vote. They get food with ration cards. Food is more important than identity for survival. Wherever they find food, they pitch tents that become transit houses. Children grow up in them and become partners in their survival. Survival means rag-picking in Seemapuri. Over the years, rag-picking has gained the dimensions of fine art. Garbage is precious to them. It's their daily bread and the roof over their heads.

Sometimes Saheb finds a rope or even a ten-rope note in the garbage heap. Then there's the hope of finding more. Garbage has a different meaning to what it means to their parents. It's wrapped in wonder for babies, it's a means of survival for the elderly.

One winter morning, the author found Saheb standing by the fenced gate of the neighbourhood club. He's watching two young men play tennis. They're all in white. Saheb likes the video, but he's happy to watch it from behind the fence. Saheb is wearing old basketball shoes that look weird over his discoloured shirt and shorts. For one who has walked barefoot, even shoes with a scratch, a dream has come true. Tennis is out of his reach, though. Get the complete CBSE 12 English Core syllabus on Extramarks.

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