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Extramarks provides the best learning material for the topics included in CBSE Class 6 Hindi Sahitya A. Students are expected to study the topics of the new Pattern for CBSE Class 8 Hindi Sahitya A from the pafe odf Extramarks. The topics included in CBSE Class 6 Hindi Sahitya A are very important for students in order to ace the exam that will be based on the topics of CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Hindi Sahitya A. Below are some of the topics of Class 6 CBSE Hindi Sahitya A that will be evaluated in the exams. These topics are included in the syllabus of Class 6 CBSE Hindi Sahitya A. 

वह चिड़िया जो
नादान दोस्त
चाँद से थोड़ी सी गप्पे
अक्षरों का महत्व
पार नज़र के
साथी हाथ बढ़ाना

साथी हाथ बढ़ाना

The song ‘Saathi Haath Raheen’ is written by Sahir Ludhianvi. The song was written for the film 'Naya Daur'. The song was written sometime after independence when the country was being built. This song inspires us to work together. The poet has told in this song that whenever man has worked together, then he has easily overcome every difficulty. According to the poet, the cycle of happiness and sorrow always comes in life. We should always move towards our destination in every situation. Every big thing in the world is made up of small things. The poet has inspired people to work together. One alone will be tired while doing work, so everyone has been asked to become a partner in the creation of India. To encourage the Indians, the poet has said that whenever people worked with unity, the sea helped them leave their path and the mountain also gave them a place by bowing their heads in front of them. According to the poet, our arms and chest are made of steel, so that we have the ability to do difficult things. The poet reminded us that in the past we have worked for Gairo (British) and today we have to build independent India ourselves. the poet has described happiness and sorrow as the companion of the people because their order always continues in life. We should not panic in grief, we should not be too excited about happiness and should always keep moving towards our destination.

The poet has explained the power of unity and said that every drop of a drop makes a river. Fog is formed by mixing small pieces. A mountain is made of small rye grains, in the same way, if every person works with each other, then luck can also be turned to golden form. That is why we should work together.

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