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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class

This article is focused on CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Maths. Students find it difficult to score well in CBSE Class 6 Maths. Extramarks helps students by providing extensive study materials of CBSE Mathematics Class 6 while keeping in mind Pattern for CBSE Class 6 Mathematics. Thus students should sign up on Extramarks for more information on CBSE Class 6 Maths. Extramarks also offers CBSE 6 Maths Solutions to help students perform well in exams. 

Here is a brief account of Maths syllabus.

Chapter 1 Knowing our Numbers – This chapter addresses the number of values up to which a certain number can exceed. This defines large amounts of crore, roman numerals, brackets, rounding off and the calculation of variations between two values. This chapter is the easiest of all chapters in the NCERT Book of 6th Grade mathematics. Nevertheless, a clear understanding of this chapter is extremely important to clarify basic mathematical concepts in one's life.  

Chapter 2 Full Numbers - This chapter gives the student a fundamental introduction to the concept, properties and patterns of whole numbers. This chapter is the first chapter to explain the idea of a number line to the student. On the number line, the predecessor, successor, addition and subtraction can be interpreted. Because this is an essential concept in Class 6 Maths, the research material on this page is nothing short of a 6th Std Maths Guide PDF and helps to simplify concepts. 

Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers -The idea of primary numbers, composite numbers and coprime numbers is discussed in this chapter. Multiples common and common factors. This chapter, which provides the first experience in calculating HCF and LCM, helps make a student's numbers interesting.

Chapter 4 Geometry - This chapter gives a student the first-ever experience with geometry in sixth standard mathematics. The chapter contains 6 lessons on figures such as polygons, quadrilateral, circles, triangles, arcs, angles etc. The study material on this page provides detailed answers to all problems in this chapter and helps a student understand geometry clearly.  

Chapter 5 Comprehension of Elementary Shapes  – This chapter of nine exercises examines geometric figures such as quadrilateral, triangle, 3D forms and line segments in detail. The chapter discusses angle estimation and classification. The NCERT Solutions Class 6 Maths cover these issues in a very complex way and seeks to clear a student's face of all confusion in the most appropriate way. 

Chapter 6 Integer – In most schools, the topic of integer begins in the second half of the academic year. NCERT Class 6 Chapter 6 Maths discusses this question and how to add, subtract integers on the number line. The solutions for this chapter are discussed quite clearly in the Class 6 solutions given on the page of the Mathematics Success Book.

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