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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 6 Social Science

This is a brief discussion of CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus. Extramarks provides excellent study materials for CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Social Science as it is designed by experts keeping in mind Pattern for CBSE Class 6 Social Science and elaborative importance of each topic. Students need to pay extra attention to Class 6 Social Science Syllabus. For more information on Social Science Class 6 CBSE Syllabus, students should sign up on the Extramarks website.

In the first section, students will learn about Earth. The second part focuses on the history, where students learn about kings and kingdoms, etc. Finally, the third part provides a vivid insight into social and political life that provides an in-depth understanding of the government and its structure.

Extramarks understand that it is not easy for everyone to comprehend these concepts. Therefore they deliver a detailed Class 6 Social Science NCERT Solution in a PDF-free format. Such approaches help improve the pupils' learning performance in exams.

Extramarks provides exceptional academic support for Class 6 Social Science NCERT Solutions which enables students to achieve their required qualifications efficiently. Extramarks' professional team provides reliable and easy-to-use solutions to help students to memorize and review their exams. These solutions are drawn up to cover all key indicators in a chapter and are therefore considered sufficiently effective to achieve the best results for the subject. 

NCERT Class 6 Solution for Social Sciences– All chapters in NCERT Class 6 Solutions Social Science is divided into three different parts: Earth–Our Habitat, History–Our Past and Social and Political Life.

Class 6 Social Science Book: "The Earth–Our Habitat" This section contains eight chapters, each of which is addressed in Class 6 Social Science solutions from NCERT provided by Extramarks. 
Each chapter focuses solely on celestial bodies, so students have to solve short answer questions (including six sub-parts), MCQs and Fill In the Blanks.

Chapter 2— Global Latitudes and Longitudes The emphasis is on spatial coordinate systems that answer a short questionnaire. In response to each of these, students need to study the chapter in detail.  

Chapter 3— Earth motions-  Here, students learn about the rotation of the Earth, revolution, axis and more. Students need to resolve questions for short answers (including seven subsections), MCQs, and blank filling.

Chapter 4–Maps-  Students will learn about the physical and water systems of the planet. In view of the following detailed questions, it is ideal for students to refer to our solutions after reading their texts. 

Chapter 5–Earth- Students will learn about the climate of Earth and more. This chapter consists of short answers (containing seven subsections), MCQs and Fill in the blanks. 

Chapter 6: Major landform in the Earth. Types of questions include short-response questions (containing seven sub-parts), MCQs, and Fill in the Yellow. 

This chapter provides an in-depth view of India's different geographical features–from states to union territories. 

Chapter 8–Indian Vegetation and Wildlife Environment- Students learn all about Indian vegetation, climatic conditions and wildlife. Understand the chapter and answer with the solutions provided by Extramarks.

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