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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 7 English

Syllabus of Class 7 CBSE English is extensive and tiring. It is categorized into two sections- Language and Literature. 
Extramarks provides students with excellent study materials for CBSE class 7 English syllabus. Students can find study materials for both literature and the language section. 

CBSE Class 7th English Syllabus can be broadly classified into following -

1. CBSE 7th English Syllabus for Textbook- Honey Comb
Some of the chapters from its syllabus-

1. Three Questions
2. A Gift of Chappals
3. Gopal and the Hilsa Fish
4. The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom
5. Expert Detectives
6. Fire Friend and Foe
7. A Bicycle in Good Repair
8.The Story of Cricket


1. Garden Snake 
2. Dad and the Cat and the Tree 
3. Chivvy 
4. Meadow Surprises 
5. The mystery of the Talking Fan 
6. The Rebel
7. The Shed 
7. The Squirrel 

2. Supplementary Reader- An Alien Hand
Some of the chapters from its syllabus-

1. The Tiny Teacher
2. Bringing Up Kari
3. The Desert
4. The Cop And The Anthem
5. The Bear Story
6. A Tiger In The House
7. An Alien Hand

3. CBSE 7th English Syllabus of Grammar
Some important chapters from its syllabus- 

1. Adverbs (place and type)
2. Determiners
3. Linking Words
4. Tense forms
5. Clauses
6. Adjectives (Comparative and Superlative)
7. Modal Auxiliaries
8. Reported speech

The Pattern for CBSE Class 7 English can also be understood with the help of study materials and sample papers provided by Extramarks. English is an important language and a must to study. Students must pay proper attention to the syllabus of English and should take the help of the learning guide provided by Extramarks in case of facing any problems.  

Studying with the help of Extramarks will surely make it easy for students to learn and retain all the knowledge. The concepts that students will study in this class will form the foundation of the syllabus of the next class and eventually prepare them for not just school exams but also for the board classes. English can be a very scoring subject if studied with full diligence and dedication. Learning English will help students further in life too. It will enhance their reading, speaking and writing skills as well. The study materials provided by Extramarks are made by subject experts and are in really simple and understandable language.

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