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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 7 Mathematics

This article focuses on CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus. Students quite often don't pay enough attention to the Pattern for CBSE Class 7 Mathematics which restricts them from scoring good in exams. CBSE Mathematics Class 7 is a relatively difficult subject and students should practise it thoroughly to perform well in exams. Extramarks allows students to ace this subject by offering CBSE 7 Maths Solutions and study materials. 

The branch of mathematics discussed in the syllabus of class 7 deals with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, symmetry, data, etc. 
A solid foundation of concepts is necessary for such chapters. Mathematics is probably one of the subjects that are most complained of, by almost every student. On the other hand, some students excel in such subjects. The reason behind this is not just their likeliness towards the subjects like maths but also their understanding of such subjects. Their concepts are clear, they understand the number system better and even their mathematical skills are good. All this come from rigorous practice and right guidance. Extramarks works tirelessly to provide students with the right study materials for CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus.

The study materials provided are very engaging and detailed. Students will not only understand the subject better but will also retain all the fundamentals, formulas, etc.  

Chapters included in the syllabus are- 

Chapter 1- Integers
Chapter 2- Fractions and Decimals
Chapter 3- Data Handling
Chapter 4- Simple Equations
Chapter 5- Lines and Angles
Chapter 6- The Triangle and its Properties
Chapter 7- Congruence of Triangles
Chapter 8- Comparing Quantities
Chapter 9- Rational Numbers
Chapter 10- Practical Geometry
Chapter 11- Perimeter and Area
Chapter 12- Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 13- Exponents and Powers
Chapter 14- Symmetry
Chapter 15- Visualising Solid Shapes

Chapters like Congruency and Algebra will surely require more time and attention than other chapters. Students are suggested to schedule their study time accordingly so that they do not miss out any subject or have them piled up till the end. Maths requires extreme practice and focus and students must understand this. Once a student has cleared all his doubts and has done proper practice, he is sure to achieve good marks in the exams. This will fill him with confidence and he will surely do much better next time. Class 7th CBSE Maths study materials prepared by Extramarks are very useful for the students struggling with the extensive syllabus of maths.

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