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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 8 English

Good English is not only classy but also a possibility to continue studies and specializations in the world's best universities, which are in fact in countries where English is spoken.

Students can learn the basics of CBSE 8th English Syllabus from the study material available on the page of Exramarks. Learning the basics of CBSE Class 8th English Syllabus has now become a fun process with the introduction of the Extramarks Learning App started by Extramarks. The new Pattern for CBSE Class 8 English is quite easy for the students to understand in the very first attempt.

There are many advantages that they put into a person's life experience of the English language. What is important to understand is that English is capable of tearing down many barriers, including cultural ones.

The CBSE Class 8 English Syllabus may be divided into two parts: a. Literature in English, and b. English Grammar & Composition CBSE Class 8th English Literature section is based on two books-an an English textbook and an English supplementary reader.

Now, for Class 8 English, you have a clear idea about the CBSE syllabus–both for Literature and Grammar & Composition. Complete every chapter and subject and you'll score well on the exam. Having proper knowledge of English grammar and good writing skills in English will help you a great deal in the future, especially in various competitive examinations, whether for jobs or for admission to various top institutes. Therefore, they have a clear knowledge of and application of the grammatical rules. Enhance your writing skills, too.

Syllabus for Class 8 CBSE English plays an extremely important role in shaping your future. Class 9 and 10 syllabuses are connected to the Class 8 syllabus. The strength of your foundation will also depend on your performance in various prestigious competitive exams. So, intense research. English literature tells us of English-speaking world history. In other words, you're able to learn about ourselves and our past through this literature.

Secondly, English literature also teaches us many lessons with universal themes, such as love, war, desire, justice and much more. We become much more nuanced in our thought as we read these subjects and broaden our view of the world. That will make us better citizens. 

Thirdly, English literature also makes us think because we may not necessarily agree with that. We will have to shape our own opinions and beliefs and the reading of English literature will help us in the process.

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