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Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 9 Computer Applications

The CBSE Class 9 Computer Application Syllabus includes a very interesting chapter. This CBSE Class 9 Computer Application will be helpful for class 9 students. A lot of people will find it hard to keep up with the CBSE Class 9 Computer Application syllabus. Extramarks make study materials available for students for the Pattern for CBSE Class 9 Computer Application. Students can study notes and increase their marks, especially for the CBSE 9th Computer Application Syllabus. Here is a summary of the Syllabus for Class 9 Computer Application.  Below written is a brief description of CBSE Class 9 Computer Application. Class 9 students can find CBSE Class 9 Computer Application Syllabus materials. Extramarks provides the very best study materials and reading guidelines for the pattern for CBSE Class 9 Computer Applications. This promotes the understanding of the subject and also provides a firm foundation for CBSE 9th Computer Application Syllabus. Here's a short summary of the syllabus for Class 9 Computer Application.  Unit 1: Data Technological Concepts Computer system: operating properties; computer system components: CPU, memory, storage devices and I / O devices Memory: primary (RAM and ROM) and secondary memory storage devices: hard drive; CD ROM; DVD; pen/flash disk; memory stick I / O devices.
Text editing and formatting: text style (B, I, U), font type, font size, text color, text alignment. Paragraphs with spacing of line and/or article. Add headers and footers, pages of numbering, grammar and spell check, subscription and superscript, insert symbols, use sample of printing and print a text.
Place photos, modify pages, add ballots and numbers, margins and coloring, and insert tables–insert/delete columns and rows, merge and break cells.
Using auto-format, log changes, review comments, drawing tools, forms and symbols.
Presentation Tool: understanding the definition for diagrams, basic slide components, various types of diagram design, creating and saving a presentation and learning about a range of slide views–standard view, diagram sorter view and handouts.
Slide editing and formatting: add titles, subtitles, text, background and flashlight, headers and footers, and slide numbers.
Attach file images, create animations, apply sound effects and rehear timings.
Spreadsheets: worksheet definition and workbook framework, worksheets generated and saved.
Operating using the table: enter numbers, text, date/times, auto-fill series; edit and format a table with changes in color, scale, font, text alignment; insert and delete rows, line and columns. Use an operator formula (+,-,*, /) and link to cells and print a worksheet.
Using simple statistical functions: SUM), (SUM), (MAX), (MIN), (IF) ((with no complex statements); embed charts in a worksheet of different types: line, pie, dispersion, bar and region.
Scratch or Python Alternative 1: Educational Program Language–Scratch Introduction Scratch Questions for CBSE Class 9 Maths, Science, Social Science and English Unit 4.
Drag and drop, build quick scripts, repeat command blocks.

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