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Keeping pace with the latest changes and development in the JEE pattern, Extramarks has revamped its JEE Test Prep App. We get you JEE ready by providing live and recorded lectures from India’s top and most experienced faculty. In addition, we have created a robust testing engine, which gives you access to an exhaustive set of tests, which simulate real exam environment.

Prepared under the expert supervision of top academic experts, this app is all that you need to check and accelerate your level of preparedness, and be JEE ready! How to apply?



Personalized Exam Strategy

The app analyses your performance and creates a micro-schedule for students to follow in order to be JEE ready. These exam strategies are customized to individual needs of each student.

Extramarks Sessions

Through a combination of live and recorded videos, Extramarks Sessions give you access to lectures on all important topics for JEE Prep. These Sessions are delivered by India’s top and best faculty.

Doubt Resolution

Doubts can derail your prep and in order to ensure that doesn’t happen, we have a robust doubt submission and resolution mechanism in the app. You can request for a live doubt clearing session or submit your doubt which our mentors will answer.

Adaptive Testing Platform

Extramarks has curated a series of customizable topic tests, as well as full length mock tests, to help you assess your level of preparedness and know which are your strength and gap areas. Attempt National Level Weekly Tests to check your all India ranking.

Reports and Analytics

After analyzing test performance, we generate extensive intelligence-backed reports, which give insights on various performance parameters – like, accuracy, mastery, time allocation, difficulty level of questions attempted, etc.

Offline Access

In our latest version, you can save and access Sessions offline. You can also download notes, prepared by expert faculty, for revision of all important topics.

Our 2020 Stars

Here are our students who made us proud this year with their JEE results.



Extramarks Sessions

In order to help students get access to lectures on important topics by India’s best faculty from all corners of the country, we have created Extramarks Sessions! You can view them live, or access previous recorded lectures, or even download and save them for viewing on your phone.

Live Session

These are sessions conducted by experienced faculty on important topics for JEE prep, live streamed on the app. Students viewing the lecture live may also engage with the educator on screen.

Recorded Session

Missed a live session on an important topic? Worry not! These will be archived and available as recorded sessions on the app.

Doubt Solving Session

Do you need a session on a specific topic or sub-topic? Do you have some doubts relating to the JEE syllabus? Drop us a message and we will schedule a live doubt solving session for you!


National Level Weekly Tests And other customized and full-length mock tests

The key to JEE success is extensive practice and familiarity with exam pattern. This can be achieved by attempting the various different kinds of tests available on the JEE Test Prep App by Extramarks.

You can attempt

  • National Level Weekly Tests – Live tests that help you understand your level of prep and national ranking.
  • Full Length Mock Tests – Created on the basis of the latest exam pattern and helpful in assessing overall level of prep.
  • Previous Years Question Papers – These will help you get familiar with the exam pattern and know what kind of questions to expect.

Reports and Analytics

Report Anlysis

Watch lectures by expert faculty

We host recorded sessions for our students who can watch and learn with our lectures.

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Extramarks Coaching Center

Extramarks Smart Coaching Centres are the definite new age way to prepare for competitive exams and find yourself sailing through the gates of your favourite higher study institutes. Equipped with state of the art technology infrastructure, these centres provide a customised and holistic learning experience while simplifying complex concepts into smart capsules for students.

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