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Mission School@Home

As you stay at home, we help bring your school home too! With School@Home initiative by Extramarks, you get the unique chance to access all Extramarks apps, along with LIVE classes conducted by Extramarks expert faculty. For all classes, all subjects and test preparation - beamed right at your home!

School@Home Offerings

For Grade 6-12

Live classes Conducted by Extramarks experts, for CBSE and ICSE Boards.
Homework/Worksheet To practice learnt concepts, assigned on basis of syllabus covered.
Scheduler A time-table based plan for week-on-week learning.
Reports and Analytics AI based insights to help understand and improve performance.

For JEE and NEET Aspirants

Live Sessions Live sessions Conducted by India's top teachers, mapped to latest syllabus.
Schedule Micro-schedule based learning for best results.
Reports and Analytics AI based insights to help understand and improve performance.



With this initiative, students get access to rich, engaging visual lessons, which are based on the LPT pedagogy. We provide learning for all subjects, all classes, mapped to CBSE and ICSE Boards. (And to JEE and NEET Syllabus)


Extramarks faculty, with proven expertise in different subjects, will be taking classes as per a previously aligned time-table to simulate a classroom like environment.


To make learning more fruitful and assess comprehension in a continuous manner, worksheets, homeworks and assignments will be digitally assigned to each learner, with submission guidance and deadlines.


Extramarks provides an adaptive testing platform, which increases in difficulty level as the student is able to answer questions accurately. Such testing is critical to build comprehension and clarity at junior levels, as well as for competitive exam prep, since many exams have become adaptive in nature.


Extramarks helps students gain detailed insights into their own performance to figure our areas of strength and improvement and create a suggested future learning path. These AI driven analytics are based on several parameters of learning like level of mastery, accuracy in answering, time allocation between topics, etc.

School@Home Packages

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What all you get here

Live Classes

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Full Access to App

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JEE One Course

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